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Health And Physical Education

Mr. Wyckoff & Mr. Munoz
It is our goal to attempt to maintain and reinforce a student’s ambition for the love of movement and play.  Students will engage in varieties of activities that are team, duel and individually oriented. All of these can be competitive, non- competitive, and skill-oriented. Working within many constraints, we will strive to increase individual growth patterns through a sequential developmental program.  Our program will aim to provide enjoyable and successful experiences by offering activities appropriate to an individual student’s physical and mental abilities.  The program will promote Movement Awareness, kinesthetic awareness, Fitness Activities, cooperation Skills, and understanding of individual differences, as well as improve self-esteem and interest in life long activities.  Continuous stimulation of students’ desire for play and fitness will be provided by catering to individual needs; this will increase awareness of the numerous activities available and afford many opportunities for success at play. 


      STATED GOALS      


As a result of participating in my Physical Education program students will… 

  • Understand the important influence that physical activities and fitness have on one’s mental, emotional and social development;

  • Experience the JOY of play through exposure to a variety of physical activities;

  • Demonstrate a variety of Locomotive and non Locomotive movements;

  • Develop spatial awearness, Direction, pathways, and Patterns in movements. Also explore levels of travel; 

  • Participate in activities in which self discovery, problem solving and creative decision making will flourish;

  • Acquire proper skills for various physical activities through sequential development;

  • Develop positive self-image and confidence through successful experiences of play;

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of rules and strategies in activities;

  • Demonstrate positive patterns of social behavior , interpersonal relationships and cooperation among individuals towards attaining a common goal;

  • Develop and refine motor skills through a variety of competitive, non competitive and skill based activities in order to provide for overall effective movements;

  • Experience leisure time activities that can be pursued throughout adulthood;

  • Understand the personal benefits and enjoyment gained through physical activity during leisure time;

  • Recognize individual capabilities and potential, and strive to develop a willingness to aspire to that level.    

     Franklin Elementary School in Union, NJ has a diverse population of students.  Students hail from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Catering to the needs of all my students is a challenge that will require change.  Due to this diverse population our program will need reconstruction.  Our continuous commitment to strive and stimulate our students’ desire for fitness and play is no easy task. A weekly schedule has been developed that will attempt to help students acquire a love for movement and play; this makes for a positive experience.  Each PE Class will consist of warm ups, strength exercises,  Following Direction Drills and Daily Activity.  This schedule will consist of competitive, non competitive and skill based activities that each individual will aspire to at his or her own level. A weekly intervention plan has also been developed to help students stay on task not only in our classes, but other disciplines as well. 



  • It goes without saying that RESPECT FOR EVERYONE at all times is a must. There will be NO exceptions.
  • In Health classes students are expected to behave properly as they would in any other academic setting. 
  • In PE classes students are expected to have a positive attitude towards exercise and physical activity. In addition,  students should maintain open minds to explore new cooperative games, fitness routines and exercise programs. 


  • Health and Physical Education classes will require written homework.
  • In Kindergarten Health classes students will be able to name the five MyPlate food groups and be able to identify food choices within each group. Describe the importance of eating foods from all five food groups. and Demonstrate proper hand-washing techniques and identify the importance of washing hands before and after preparing food and eating.
  • In First Grade Health classes students will learn about the importance of The Health Triangle which consists of the Physical, Social and mental/emotional well being of all. (Total Health)
  • In Second Grade Health Classes students will explore the wonderful world the the Human Body Systems such as the Muscular systems, circulatory system and the skeletal system. 
  • In Physical Education classes homework will be assigned weekly (exercise charts) Students will be expected to preform all exercises learn in class on a  daily bases.
  • In PE classes every marking period students will be given progressive fitness tests to measure physical ability.  After each unit of study students will take a written test.
  • Physical Education classes will have one  Project due each marking period. In addition, Fourth Grade PE classes will have an Angles Project . 


  • For PE class all students must have sneakers daily in order to participate, as well as proper attire (i.e. gym shorts, sweatpants, tee shirts, sweatshirt). comfortable clothing. 
  • It is Board of Education policy that jewelry is not to be worn during PE classes.  Students are encouraged to leave all valuables  at home.  PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for helping their child and reminding them to leave jewelry at home during Gym days. Franklin Elementary School will not be held liable for stolen property.  Again, LEAVE ALL VALUABLES AT HOME!  
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