2020 FES Summer Learning and Enrichment Program
“A Continued opportunity to connect.”
 Please email Fesone2@gmail.com with questions. 
July 6th - August 7th - Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
10:00 am-1:00 pm
Summer learning programs play a critical role in the continued support of students. As they move to the next grade level, students of all ages are mastering the academic objectives required to be successful. The Summer learning program will provide students with additional learning opportunities filled with rigorous and relevant instruction, as well as student-centered learning and enrichment experiences. This program is FREE for FES students.
Students who sign up will be able to borrow a Chromebook for the duration of the program.
The Benefits
Continued opportunity to connect. Virtual summer school provides a safe environment for students to continue building relationships with their teachers and classmates.
Student & family engagement. Due to early school closures, this summer vacation may feel very long. Participating in virtual summer school will provide a casual opportunity for students to apply their time and efforts towards topics that interest them most.
Who should attend?
All students are encouraged to attend our Virtual Summer Learning Program. It is an academically rigorous and fun summer program that can improve students’ foundational skills and expand their knowledge and problem-solving abilities; all while reducing summer learning loss. A combination of core academic courses and enrichment classes provide learning that boosts students’ communication, social and leadership skills. 
What is being offered? 
Courses will range from core courses such as ELA and Math to some of our popular non-core courses such as Science Exploration and Social Studies Adventures. The goal of these courses is to bring FUN, and to engage in core content areas for SUMMER!  Students will be involved in activities, games, and fun challenges! These courses are open to all students. 
How will it work? 
Courses will be scheduled and teachers will deliver content virtually during the scheduled time for each class. We will use Google Classroom as our main platform this summer. Students will communicate with their teachers directly using Google Classroom; and those entering grades 1-5 will use their school-issued email address to gain access. Students will be expected to attend classes via Google Meets and interact with their classmates during their class times.