Parental involvement is of paramount importance in the success of the Title I program.  There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the Title I program including volunteer service in the classroom, “. We will provide parents of participating children with timely information about Title I program on our school website and hard copies provided in the office.

As a parent in our Title I school, your involvement is very important to us.  Each year, you can expect the following from us

  • We will revise our school-parent compact and parental involvement policy based upon parent feedback and new school data.  The compact will outline how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement.  These documents will be distributed to parents in multiple ways and in an understandable language, and parents will have the opportunity to provide input. 2016-2017  School Parent Compact
  • We will revise our Title I (School Improvement) plan based upon new school data.  We welcome your feedback as we go through this process.  Please send any comments concerning the Title I plan to our school’s principal.  (Forms are provided on line and in our school office) Parent Feedback Form
  • We will schedule an annual Title I meeting, at a time convenient for parents, to ensure that all parents of participating children learn about about (1) their child’s participation in Title I programs, (2) the components of our school’s school wide Title I plan, requirements of Title I, and each parent’s right to be involved. All parents will be invited and encouraged to attend. Title I Annual Parent Meeting Notice/Agenda
  • We will offer a number of other meetings and workshops, at flexible times, so that as many parents as possible can attend.
  • Our school will provide you with timely information concerning (1) a description of our school’s curriculum, (2) your child’s standardized assessment results, (3) other assessments used to measure your child’s progress and expectations concerning the levels that students are expected to meet, and (4) ways that you can monitor your child’s progress and work with our school to improve your child’s academic achievement.
  • We will provide you with many opportunities to provide feedback and to be involved in decision-making. These include completing school surveys, talking with teachers and administrators about your child’s needs, and participating in Title I meetings. Parent Involvement Survey
  • We will involve you in decisions concerning how parental involvement funds are budgeted in our school. 
  • Teachers supported with Title I, Part A funds are highly qualified.  As a parent, you may request certain information about the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers.  Also, we will notify you if your child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified. 


Parent’s Right to Know

Parental Involvement Policy